Summer Farm Camp

Looking for a camp to register your Child(ren) this summer? We have an excellent Farm Camp designed to educate children all about our animals here at the farm! 

Campers will learn all about what it takes to become a farmer. Work ethic, responsibilities, problem solving, time management and being mindful are just a few to name off. 

Campers will learn how to become "Animal Caretakers" by choosing which animals to feed that day. They will learn what that specific animal eats and will measure out the correct amount. Campers will then head out to our farm yard to feed their animal for that day. 

Campers will also learn how to properly interact with our animals in a kind, respectful way. 

We encourage Campers to be "Farm Hands"  learning children how to care for animals. We use the term *Code Brown* which means animal droppings. Children will help out with chores in our barn.  

Here @ the farm we also like to have fun! We have lots of fun games planned for children to take part in!!  Potatoe Sac races, Egg & Spoon, Parachute games, some water games, as well as: What time is it Mr. Wolf? Duck, Duck, GOOSE.. ETC. 

Last but not least.... WE LOVE TO CREATE... Children will be encourage to get creative in our art studio! We love to paint, craft, and just ... make cool things! 

Our 2024 Farm Camps Dates  (4 Day Camp)

Camp #1 July 8/9/10/11

Camp #2 July 15/16/17/18

Camp #3 July 22/23/24/25

*Available Dates in August if enough interested.

Time: 10:00-1:00

$160/Camp week plus HST ($40/day)

Ages 6-10

*Campers must pack a lunch & water bottle. 

*Dress appropriately for weather conditions 

*Close toe shoes

*Please apply sunscreen & bug spray before arrival. 

Want to Sign your Child up? 

REGESTER HERE: (Copy and past URL, registration fom will appear)

Please EMAIL :