Things to know before your visit

Proper Footwear

Please wear proper footwear while visiting the farm. (if your planning on going into our animals Paddocks) Close toe shoe is recommended. ESPECIALLY in with horses.


We encourage Mindfulness 

We encourage mindfulness here at the farm. I ask that while you are visiting our animals, remember you are entering their home.

 We encourage slow moving and allowing our animals come to you, so you can gain our animals  trust and develop an incredible experience with our animals allowing friendships. (EXAMPLE: we encourage you to get down to the sheep's and pigs level by leaning down and extending your arm they will slowly come visit you, that's how to make friends with our mini pigs)

We encourage visitors to be in the moment by experiencing our 5 senses (Sight, Smell, Touch, Hearing, and Taste) take note to the sounds of our animals in the background near and far. 

You will notice that each animal here at the farm feels different. Examples: Our bunnies are so fluffy and soft. Our pigs hair is so wiry, firm, and hard. Our sheep's fiber is so dense, full, spongey, and soft. You will notice our farm is a wonderful Sensory Experience. 

Please, keep in mind our animals wellbeing. Take note to our animals Body Language. Animals communicate mostly through their body.  Having happy animals is what our main goal is here at the farm. Please respect that. 

Thanks for understanding and considering our animals health and wellbeing.