Mindful Me PROGRAM

Looking for a children well-being program?


4 Sessions (once a week) 2 hours


We will be hosting MINDFUL ME CAMPS throughout the year. Please contact us to put your child on the list for the next upcoming camp. 




This camp will focus on emotions, healthy relationships, human & animal behavior, meditation skills, and journaling. 

Each child will receive a Mindful Me Workbook and personalized journal. 

When you pair animal/equine facilitate experiential learning with mindfulness training provides children and teens a unique opportunity to not only develop their emotional regulation skills but also form deep bonds of friendship with horses/ponies or other farm animals as well as human friends. Due to the calm nature of horses here at the farm and their ability to mirror the child's emotions, participants can learn how to process difficult emotions through purposeful guided interaction with the horses... our "teachers". Smaller farm animals such as our bunnies, goats, and sheep, mini pigs and ducks and chickens teaches children about impulse control and develop their capacity for empathy as well as compassion. 

Interacting with horses requires children to be present. They will learn how to watch and how to respond to the horses subtle signals, which in turn develops their own sense of awareness. When experiencing group challenges with our equines and friends, children will practice problem solving tasks, in the moment, in often ways will trigger introspection, self awareness and insight. This intentional practice overtime cultivates self-esteem, confidence and team building skills while providing them with valuable strategies to dissipate anger, anxiety and other difficult emotions. 

Our farm animals have unique characteristics, they provide an opportunity for children to culture present moment awareness and as a result deepen different positive qualities within themselves. Bunnies can teach children impulse control through the power of stillness. Goats through their humor and learning children the ability to let go of challenging emotions. 

Each activity planned through this Mindful Me program with our animals will help children foster connection and social emotional growth.

I recently took part in a Mindfulness with animals workshop with Sherry-Lynne Kirschner who is a retired teacher of over 30 years. She is a Animal and Equine Facilitated Mindfulness Educator, Emotional Intelligence Instructor as well as the Author of Marvin the mindful marmot. Her program she designed has taught me so much! I am excited to share her knowledge, and her program with all who would like to experience it. I feel so grateful to share Sherry-Lynne's mission to create authentic experiences for children, and teens to develop and deepen their mental, physical, and emotional awareness and well-being.